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Because Chext isn't connected to your bank account, its intuitive monthly calendar allows you to quickly determine how a new purchase might impact your future financial commitments.

If you want to see how much of a monthly payment you could afford for your car, just enter a new recurring transaction into Chext. If you see a red balance anywhere on your calendar, you can't afford your new purchase without cutting back somewhere else. It is this simple approach to finances that helps to set Chext apart. No trend lines to follow, nothing to figure out. Just enter an amount and watch for a red balance. After all, don't we all just want to know if we can afford something?

Start Planning For Your Next Big Purchase.

Putting away some money each week or month for something special like that well-deserved vacation? Many of us put away a few dollars a week into our vacation fund but it's difficult to know how much money we'll have and when we'll have it. Chext makes budget planning super simple. If you're putting five dollars a week away into an account, enter it into Chext as a weekly recurring transaction. If you want to know when you'll have $600.00 just click forward into the future and check the date. No more big spreadsheets with fancy calculations. Just one recurring transaction and a few clicks.

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