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Many personal finance software packages have charts and graphs that claim to help you get a handle on your finances. If you're like many people, those charts and graphs can be complicated to understand and don't really do a great job of helping you manage day to day spending.

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By inputting your monthly expenses into Chext and texting in your daily transactions as they happen, Chext gives you a new level of understanding of your financial future. Best of all, it does it in a way we all understand - though the use of a calendar. After you text in a transaction, Chext looks out into the future to see what items you've got scheduled. It will then send a text back with your new balance as well as your next lowest balance. If you've ever overdrawn your account, you know how much money this could save you!

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Fan of Dave Ramsey? Want a better way to "do" envelopes? Check out Chext. — Glenn Rumfellow

Chext provides an easy way to keep your account up to date so you'll always be aware of how much money you have. — slapstart.com

The Easiest Way To Keep Track Of Your Balance Via SMS. — MakeUseOf.com

This is great! Talk about financial communication! — P. Torrevillas