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One of the things Chext is great at is helping you get control of accounts shared by multiple people. Share an account with your parents, children, or significant other? Chext lets you invite people into each account you create within Chext. This allows multiple people to not only track spending within that account, it allows everyone on the account to get balance updates whenever anyone spends!

For Couples

Moving in together? Getter married? When you get to the point in your relationship where you're ready to start sharing money, things can go downhill quickly! Because there hasn't been any better way, typically one person has to bear the burden of managing the finances. That immediately puts a stress on the relationship. One persons knows what's going on while the other person is oblivious. While this sitation may sound ideal for those who hate dealing with finances, it can be stressful for your partner who has to manage everything.

Chext makes things easy. One person can still manage finances but with both of you texting in transactions throughout the day and receiving new balance updates, you are both aware of your finances throughout the day. You now have a simple way to communicate about spending and can feel like you're on the same team. Nobody is left in the dark and you're both deeping your relationship through managing money - imagine that!

For Parents and Students

If you're a parent, imagine knowing when your college student spends money and then can't make rent at the end of the month (we've all been there). With Chext you know immediately what's happening in real time.

Have a younger student who you would like to help learn some financial responsibility? Chext allows your child to spend freely while also giving you an unobtrusive way to hold her accountable. Rather than having a heated argument down the road, a quick conversation right after the transaction can make for a much better experience for both you and your child.

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